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California Solar Rights – Guaranteed by Law
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California has been a national leader in encouraging homeowners to switch to Home Solar Power. California’s success is due in large part by the enactment of several major laws, which guarantee unrestricted access to the power of the Sun, dating as far back as 1978.

  • The Solar Easement Law:
    States that residents have the right of receiving sunlight and it shall be referred to as a solar easement. “Solar easement” means the right of receiving sunlight across real property of another for any solar energy system. (Civil code sections 801 & 801.5)
  • The Solar Rights Act:
    Bars restrictions by homeowners associations (HOAs) on the installation of solar-energy systems. (Civil code section 714)
  • California’s Government Code (65850.5):
    States that local agencies not adopt ordinances that create unreasonable barriers to the installation of solar energy systems, including, but not limited to, design review for aesthetic purposes, and not unreasonably restrict the ability of homeowners and agricultural and business concerns to install solar energy systems.
  • The Solar Shade Control Act:
    Promotes the use of trees and other natural shading except in cases where the shading may interfere with the use of active and passive solar energy systems. This act prohibits shading of solar collectors that result from tree growth occurring after a solar collector is installed.

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This is a brief overview of some of the laws that help California homeowners cash in on the incentives offered by Governmental agencies as well your local utility companies by switching to clean, affordable solar power for your home. Taking advantage of these incentives will often result in zero out of pocket cost for the installation of roof top solar panels, as well as dramatically reduced electricity bills guaranteed for up to 25 years!

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