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    Find out if you qualify for FREE or low cost HOME SOLAR POWER installation.
    Qualification is completely free and takes less than a minute!

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mySolar is dedicated to helping homeowners take control of their own power needs. We feel that the consumer should have choices in the type and cost of the energy used to power their homes. Our goal is to deliver all the benefits of clean, cheap solar energy without huge upfront costs.

We are about accurate home solar evaluation

We use specialized software and advanced satellite imagery developed specifically to evaluate your home for the costs and savings you will realize from going solar. Did you know that your home could qualify for $0 down solar as well instantly save significant money on your monthly utility bills? Besides saving money on electricity some utilities are actually subsidizing homeowners to generate clean, renewable solar energy from their rooftops.

We are about saving money with a home solar power conversion

  • Pre-negotiated, turnkey deals on home solar power installations
  • As little as $0-Down: Lease and cash options available – we will help you decide which is the most profitable for you.
  • Save time, make it easy. We evaluate your home over the phone and answer all your questions.
  • Save Money Now: See your potential cost savings immediately, we can get you started today.
  • No Obligation: Qualifying for rebates and/or incentives or just checking to see how much you can save on your energy bills is free and requires no commitment.

We are about sharing the benefits of home solar power

  • Renewable Power Generation – Solar electric power is a renewable, or sustainable, energy source. It provides utility grade power without the dependence on fossil fuels, which is how most power utilities produce electricity today.
  • Reliable – Solar electric systems are very reliable. They have no moving parts. Solar panels often have warranties extending up to 25 years. Inverters have warranties up to 10 years. Very little is needed to maintain them other than an occasional spray off with a hose in dusty areas.
  • Zero Emissions – Solar power produces no emissions unlike much of today’s utility-supplied power. And best of all, once the system has paid for itself, which only takes a matter of years, you will enjoy decades of clean sustainable power – free and clear.

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