Solar Power vs. Wind Power

Home Solar Power vs. Wind Power

Solar Power vs. Wind Power

Many people throughout the United States have started to realize the financial and environmental advantages of alternative renewable energy sources for their home. A homeowner that installs their own energy producing system on their house can protect themselves from ever increasing energy rates charged by local utilities, saving thousands of dollars in electricity costs. In addition to saving a bunch of cash over the period of just a few years renewable energy systems help save the environment for future generations. The two types of renewable energy for home use that are most often considered because of viability, cost and availability are wind and solar.

Home Wind Power

While there are few different type of wind turbines; the most popular and accessible wind turbines are propeller type turbines. Electricity is created when the wind turns a propeller blade that is attached to an electrical generator. The electricity is then fed into your home and your home remains hooked to the grid top provide power when you don’t have sufficient energy being produced from your wind power plant.

Wind Power Pro’s

    • Wind power can be produced day or night as long as the wind is blowing.
    • Wind power generally does not require a lot of space for installation. One wind generation power plant mounted on a pole can produce enough electricity to power the average home.

Wind Power Con’s

  • Wind turbines have many moving parts requiring regular maintenance
  • Wind turbines can be noisy like having a giant fan running all of the time
  • Wind turbine propellers can cause an annoying light flickering effect
  • Your home must be situated in an area that receives a constant dependable wind.
  • Propellers must be high enough in the air so as to not be shielded from the wind by trees or buildings andthe height of a pole can become a target for lightening.
  • Wind turbine blades are large and probably not suitable for city or suburban installations.

Home Solar Power

For home solar energy production the most familiar method is roof-top mounted photovoltaic solar panels. Photovoltaic solar power works any time the sun is shining. The sunlight hits a solar array and is converted into electricity which is then fed into your home. Your home remains tied to the grid which provides energy at times when the sun is not shining.

Solar Power Pro’s

    • Solar energy can be produced anytime the sun is shining. regardles of whether you live in a sunny or cloudy climate
    • Solar Power Arrays can be easily installed on your roof.
    • Solar Panels have no moving parts and require very little maintenance
    • Solar Panel arrays have dropped in price dramatically over the last few years combined with innovative financing strategies make installation possible with no upfont costs
    • Solar Panels have a low payback period (as low as 4 years in some areas) but produce power for 25 years or more

Solar Power Con’s

  • Solar Panels do not produce power at night requiring grid tie-in or battery back-up
  • Solar Panels need proper orientation (south facing) of unshaded exposure to the sun

Overall, solar energy for your home makes more sense than not only wind power; solar power just makes sense period. With current pricing and incentives combined with innovative financing strategies you can get solar power installed for nothing and start saving every month on your utility bills. It is estimated that many homeowners can save up to $35,000 over the life of a solar power installation wtih little or no effort.