California Home Solar Panel Installation

Save Money and the Envirinment with Home Solar Power

California Home Solar Panel Installation

California is leading the way for the rest of the country in home solar panel installation. California leads the industry for a few different reasons; high conventional electricity costs, a progressive population that is active in the pursuit of sustainability and the future of our planet are just a few. However, one of the most important reasons is the acceptance of home solar power generation by the government and utility companies as viable and necessary.

Sustainable Energy – Home Solar Panels

In California there is an active movement towards clean sustainable energy, this movement is apparent by the rebates and incentives available for homeowners to switch to solar energy on their homes. Because these tax rebates and solar incentives are offered on the federal, state and local levels we are able to combine them into a huge savings package that will most often enable you to get solar energy installed on your home with absolutely no upfront cost.

Home Solar Power – Grid Interconnect

California Utility companies have also joined in support of home solar power by allowing grid interconnection. Grid interconnection allows for a home solar system “credit and debit” arrangement. During the day when your home solar panels are at peak production, extra power that you don’t use is fed into the grid system; your home actually becomes a power generator for the utility. Then at night when your home solar system is not producing you draw power off the grid.

Home Solar Energy – 20 Year Fixed Rates

Grid interconnection agreements are how we are able to guarantee a low monthly fixed utility bill for up to 20 years. We carefully evaluate your home for its solar power potential, using the information from the home solar evaluation we are able to show that; the orientation of your home, historical weather conditions, shading of your roof, and utility company pricing trends will produce a net gain. It is extremely rare that a home with solar panels in California will not be able to produce more power than it uses.

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