10 Reasons Going Solar Will Make You Happy

10 Reasons Going Solar Will Make You Happy

  1. Solar is Good for the Environment

    Top Ten Reasons To Switch to Solar PowerAbout two-thirds of of CO2 emissions that are responsible for global warming is from fossil fuels used in the generation of electricity, heating, and transportation. We know how to use solar energy that is 100% clean and inexhaustible converting to solar energy can dramatically improve our environment.

  2. Solar Power Increases Your Property value

    Home buyers are consistently willing to pay a premium for homes with a photovoltaic home solar energy system. A study by Berkeley Labs states the average premium for an average system would be in the neighborhood of $15,000.

  3. Home Solar Systems Are An Investment, Not An Expense

    A home solar system has an average return on investment of 20% in some areas. Returns like that rival any investment you can make.

  4. Solar Panels Are Low Maintenance

    Home solar energy panels are durable and designed to withstand the elements. Most panels carry a warranty of at least 20 years of uninterrupted service. Also, in the case of a solar lease or PPA the solar service provider is responsible for all maintenance and monitoring of your system.

  5. Home Solar Energy Saves Money

    With a solar lease or PPA you can get a solar system installed on your home for zero or very little dollars upfront and start saving on your monthly energy bills the day the system is turned on.

  6. Solar Power Can Help You Make Other Home Improvements

    Home improvements such as adding a pool or an addition can significantly increase energy needs. A home solar system can be scaled to accommodate future home improvement projects without added costs.

  7. Solar Energy Costs Are Guaranteed

    With solar leases and PPA’s you get a set price for your monthly energy bill that is guaranteed, in writing, for up to 25 years no matter how much your energy company increases their price.

  8. Many Attractive Solar Financing Options Are Available

    Solar leases, Power Purchase Agreements, solar loans and outright purchases are all viable options to help you make the switch to solar power. Our solar advisors can evaluate your home and where you live to help guide you in making the choice that best meets your financial goals.

  9. Solar Power creates jobs and helps your local economy

    Home solar energy is creating thousands of new living wage jobs throughout the United States. Installers, designers and solar service providers are all local jobs that help create a strong economy for your community.

  10. Solar Energy Is Consistent and Is always “On”

    Solar Power works in all climates and all day, every day, for free. You don’t have to turn the sun on or off, it is there and working even in cool cloudy climates. A home solar system basically takes care of itself; you just reap the benefits.