Energy Policy Act

30% Home Solar Federal tax Credit Due to Expire

Energy Policy Act

Home Solar 30% Federal Tax Credit due to Expire

In 2005 a program called the Energy Policy Act was enacted by the federal government that gives homeowners a once in a lifetime opportunity to get relief from their electric bills. Part of this bill includes the Residential Renewable Energy Tax Credit stimulus that makes it possible for homeowners to drastically reduce their monthly electric bill and get a 30% tax credit simply by installing solar panels. The current administration is fighting to get this act extended, but as of now this credit will expire in 2016 so it is important to act now before this amazing offer is gone.

Solar Program That Can Eliminate Electric Bills, Reduce Taxes , Help the Environment

In an article from the Washington Post, environmental lawyer and co-founder of the grassroots environmental group 350 Montgomery County, Peter Murtha states: Installing solar [panels is on the] ‘verge of no brainer status from a purely financial perspective.’

By installing photovoltaic solar panels on their roof homeowners can drastically reduce electric bills, cut their taxes, and shrink their carbon footprint helping to save the environment for future generations. Qualified homeowners that install solar panels could be saving up to $14,000 in their first year and cut their electricity costs by up to 50% for the next 25 years

Why Doesn’t Everyone have Solar Panels? We’ll Tell You…

Your local utility company hates what solar panels and the government’s Residential Renewable Energy Tax Credit does to their profits. By installing solar panels the power companies are not able to rip off homeowners because these homeowners are producing power for themselves. In many cases homeowners are able to produce much more power than they use and the utility companies actually end up having to pay them. As you can imagine the power companies hate this and they have been trying everything in their power to stop homeowners from taking advantage of solar power.

How To Get Solar Panels

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