Getting A Home Solar Power Quote

Home Solar installation-Solar-renewable energyThe Solar Power quote is the logical first step in starting the process of switching to home solar energy. The home solar power quote is also the most important step in the process of installing solar panels on your house.

One of the main purposes of the solar energy quote is establishing that home solar panels are going produce the power required to operate your home and be cost effective.

At mySolar our solar advisers are armed with the latest powerful software that is able to determine the viability of going solar for you.

We start by getting some very basic information from you that we need to fully analyze what you can expect from your home solar system; the current cost of power in your immediate area, where your home is located geographically, who your current energy provider is; and how much your homes roof may be shaded.

We then use all that information to not only determine what a system might cost for you, but also the correct type of system and power agreement to meet all your needs.

Our solar advisers run all the pertinent data for your home and will present you with all the facts regarding your system. We are well versed in the federal, state and local incentives and rebates in all areas of the United States.

You will fully understand not only what your system is going to cost you up front ($0 up front out-of-pocket is our goal), you will also understand “the why” behind the costs. Our quote process is fully transparent and at no time will there ever be any charge or obligation on your part.

Most of our clients are able to get into a home solar system with $0 upfront costs and immediately start saving on their monthly electricity bills. Monthly savings that are guaranteed for 20 years regardless of how much your local utility company raises their rates.

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