Is Home Solar Power Dangerous

Is Home Solar Power Dangerous

Home Solar Power is Safe

Home Solar Power is safe

Due to some electric utilities feeling that their profits are threatened by home solar power generation some basic fears about home solar electricity have been blown out of proportion and perpetuated in a mis-guided attempt to discourage the installation of home solar systems.

Home Solar Power Source

Home solar electrical power generation is completely safe. The electricity produced by your home solar power system is no different than the electricity you get from your utility company. The only difference is the source:

  • From your utility company your power comes from a power pole or underground line and is hooked into your home via a breaker box.
  • From a home solar system your electricity is produced, in most cases, by roof-top solar panels and tied into the same breaker box.

Is Home Solar Power Toxic

The way a solar panel works is completely safe and does not create any hazardous or toxic fumes, gasses or waste. The only by-product of a home solar energy system is cheap, clean electricity.

Home Solar Safety Mis-conceptions

One of the biggest mis-conceptions about home solar power being unsafe is a concern over fire hazards. As with any electrical power, whether it is a table lamp or you main power feed, improper wiring or poor quality products can be hazardous. Incorrect electrical wiring can short creating sparks that can cause a fire. Home Solar Installers are required to be a certified electrician and all solar systems must be permitted and inspected by the local governing body for electrical installation, just like any other home electrical projects.

Another mis-conception is also tied to fire danger is that people equate solar power with heat. Most of us have had a sunburn or have been exposed to the sun on a hot day with no shade and felt the heat of the sun. Heat, however, has nothing to do with the production of home solar power. Home solar panels are photovoltaic panels, photovoltaics is the process of changing sunlight into electricity. Photovoltaic cells are made of silicon much like a semi-conductor. The cells absorb photons from sunlight and release electrons. A solar sell has a positive and a negative side which changes the released electrons into electricity by creating a circuit. No heat is used or created by this process at all.

How to guarantee a safe home solar installation:

  • Only use professional licensed solar installation companies
  • Have your roof structure fully inspected to insure proper structural support for your home solar panels
  • Never attempt a do it yourself solar installation
  • Never attempt to repair a home solar system yourself
  • Have regular inspections of your system by a qualified solar installer

One of the most important factors when it comes to safety with home solar installations is common sense. Home solar energy is electrical power, enough to power your entire home, and should be treated with the same caution and respect you would around any type of electricity.