Is Home Solar Energy A Scam?

Is Home Solar Energy A Scam?

The answer to the question: NO!

Solar energy is a time proven, clean and affordable source of electricity for your home. Recent improvements in the manufacture of photovoltaic panels used in the conversion of free, inexhaustible solar energy from the sun have made home solar power a viable option for many consumers, that is NOT A SCAM. Unfortunately, as with any industry, there are unscrupulous contractors and companies that have, at times, “bloodied the nose” of the home solar industry. Dishonest contractors and companies give traction to solar energy opponents, usually big energy companies that are protecting their own profits, allowing them to make exaggerated claims of risk associated with switching to home solar power.

How To Avoid Solar Scams

Saving money on energy bills is the biggest reason many people switch to home solar power systems and solar energy will save thousands of dollars for a lot of people. However, there are considerations to make that will help you avoid being a victim of solar scammers.

    • Evaluate Your Current Energy Bill – If your current energy bill is less than $100 a month chances are pretty good that you will not save enough money on your monthly bills to warrant a change to solar.
    • Roof Orientation – In the northern hemisphere the Sun’s energy comes from the south. For solar panels to operate with any efficiency they must be pointed to the south, requiring a roof-top with an unshaded southern exposure.
    • Climate Considerations – While solar power works in any climate a properly sized system for your particular climate is a must. Solar energy is best thought of on a yearly average basis rather than a day to day basis. In the Southwestern United States for example, the typical home could use a smaller panel layout than a home in the cooler, cloudier Northeastern United States.
    • Inspect Your Roof – Your roof does not have to be brand new but it should be in good condition both structurally and the roofing material itself. The average roof top solar system has a life span of around 20 years, it is nice if your roof has the same or better life expectancy, although many installations are done with panel systems are built with easily removable rack systems that make servicing a roof easy.
    • Free Solar Panel Installation – There are many areas in the United States where it is actually possible to get a home solar power system installed on your home for absolutely zero out of pocket costs as well as lowered monthly utility bills guaranteed for as long as 25 years. Make sure you understand exactly what, if any, upfront or long term costs may be associated with your installation. A reputable solar contractor will provide all costs to you in writing.
    • Tax Credits and Rebates – Federal and State tax credits as well as local and utility energy rebates vary extensively. These rebates are often combined to allow for zero out of pocket costs and long term monthly savings. A reputable solar energy consultant will be able to present you, in writing, with ALL of the options available in your area.
    • Solar Lease or Purchase – It is important for you to understand the different types of solar agreements available in your area and what will work best to fit your needs. Bottom line is saving money, there are many innovative ways to save by switching to solar power. In some areas the best choice is a solar lease where other areas an outright purchase financed by a PPA would make more sense.
    • Choose Your Solar Contractor Wisely – Get at least three written estimates that include any opt-out information in case a system doesn’t perform as promised. Make sure your contractor is licensed for your area and is able to take care of all permitting and grid tie-in. Check references carefully, make sure your contractor has completed projects satisfactorily.

Home Solar Power Is Not A Scam

As of 2014 over 645,000 homes and businesses have converted to solar power in the United States, with a new solar project being completed every 2.5 minutes: That’s No Scam. Our solar consultants are experts at determining how well solar will work for you. Contact us now to start with a no cost or obligation completely transparent solar qualification.

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