Home Solar System Financing

Home Solar System Financing

Buy, Lease or Power Purchase Agreement for Solar Power

Which is the right choice for you?

There is no exact answer to this question, every person is different with different financial objectives and reasons for switching to solar power. For some people the environmental advantages of photovoltaic home solar compared to conventional electrical production is enough to make the change regardless of how much money they save. It’s also not simply the end goal of the homeowner when it comes to making the choice that best fits their particular needs. Federal, state, local and even utility company rebates, incentives and policies also figure into the solar financing decision.

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Our Solar Advisors are able to analyze your energy consumption, energy costs, orientation and size of your roof, as well as all rebates and incentives available in your area to help guide you in making your final solar financing decision

Top Reasons to choose $0 Down Solar Leases or PPA’sTop Reasons to Choose,Cash Up Front or Solar Loans
No upfront cash investment,of,an outright purchase of a solar systemTo take full advantage of all financial,benefits provided by switching to,home solar power
No worries about the maintenance,or repairs over the life of your solar panelsYou have the cash or can,secure a loan to pay upfront,for a solar system
You are not able to benefit from the,federal investment,tax creditIncreasing your property value,Solar increases property value
Solar Lease and PPA costsSolar System Purchase costs
With a solar lease or PPA many Homeowners are able have a photovoltaic solar system installed on their home at no chargeComplete solar systems range in price from $10,000 to $30,000 before rebates and incentives
Rebates and incentives often reduce the cost of a solar system by as much as 50%
Federal Tax credits further reduce the amount you owe on your income taxes
Lease and PPA MaintenancePurchased System Maintenance
Solar service provider owns and maintains all equipment and monitoring costsSystem owner is responsible for maintenance and repair of solar system. Most photovoltaic systems carry 25 years warranties and very little maintenance is ever required
All performance monitoring costs are the responsibility of the owner.
Lease and PPA TermsLoans and Purchase
Solar leases and PPA contracts average 20-25 yearsSolar Loan terms range from 5 to 20 years with interest rates from 4 – 8%
Lease and PPA ROIPurchase ROI
Solar Leases and PPA’s will generally save 10-50% in electricity costs over the life of the contract depending on your locationA home solar system owner can expect a 10-30% annual return on investment with an approximate 10 year pay-off

For more detailed information regarding solar leasing, power purchase agreements and outright system purchases please see our articles on this site or simply contact one of our solar experts
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