California Solar Initiative (CSI)

California Solar Initiative (CSI)

California leads the nation in home solar panel installations; this is due largely because of the California Solar Initiative (CSI), an aggressive program that encourages the use of solar energy through cash incentives and rebates for homes and businesses. There are cash rebates available for every watt of solar energy installed. At mySolar our Solar Advisers know the requirements and all the “ins and outs” of the CSI and are ready to steer you through the process

Qualifying for California Solar Initiative

As long as you purchase electricity from one of three of California’s Investor-owned Utilities (IOUs: Pacific Gas and Electric, Southern California Edison, or San Diego Gas & Electric), and have a roof that receives sunlight from 11AM until sunset, you qualify for the CSI program.

Available Solar Rebates

Only panels that are smaller than 30 watts are eligible for the EPBB payment plan. Those who qualify for EPBB may instead opt for PBI.

EPBB and PBI are also financially equivalent. In the case of PBI, the payments are annually scaled up by 8% to account for inflation.

There are two types of payment options:

Expected Performance Based Buydown (EPBB) – Applicant receives entire incentive payment at the time of installment. The amount of payment is based on expected electrical output of the panels.

Performance Based Incentive (PBI) – Applicant receives partial payment each month for five years. Payment is based on actual metered output.

Receiving California Solar Incentives

California Solar Initiative - Solar Rebates - Solar Panel Installation - California CAThere are five essential steps to earn incentives for your solar power.

  1. Complete an energy efficiency audit
  2. Find a solar installer
  3. Apply for rebates
    • The solar installer that you have hired will contact a CSI administrator on your behalf to apply for an incentive. The installer may also be able to have your solar panels connected to your utility company and apply for local building permits.
    • Higher cash incentives are available for those who apply for them prior to solar installation.
  4. Install solar panels
    • After receiving your reservation confirmation letter, have your solar panels installed and connected to your utility company.
  5. Claim your incentive
    • Once solar panels are installed and running, submit the Incentive Claim Form.

Our Job is to take care of these steps for you, we do this at absolutely no cost to you