10 Ways Solar Power Helps Make You A Cool Dude

10 ways solar power makes you a cool dude

10 Ways Solar Power Helps Make You A Cool Dude

#1 Cool Dudes are independent and don’t care what other people think about them. By switching to home solar power you make a statement about your independence by declaring energy independence. Screw the power company, you don’t care what they think of you, you take control of your own power needs.
#2 Cool Dudes don’t seek out Qualify For Free Home Solar Powerapproval from others. You have done your research and solar power is right for you. So, you grab the bull by the horns and go for it.
#3 Cool Dudes are sensitive and although many cool dudes like to kill and eat animals they are still sensitive to nature and the environment. Switching to solar helps save our planet, now that’s sensitive.
#4 Cool Dudes have their s*** together. One of the biggest cool things to get together is the cool dude’s finances. Switching to home solar energy will improve your finances now and well into the future.
#5 Cool Dudes make other people feel cool. By sharing all you know about producing your own electricity from a home photovoltaic system you help other people get to be cool dudes too.


#6 A Cool Dude is confident but not uppity. Home solar power gives the cool dude confidence he can control his own destiny, no money grubbing power company can hold him hostage.

#7 Cool Dudes aren’t needy the confidence you have gained from switching to solar power will earn you mad respect without actively seeking it.

Cold Cash

#8 Cool Dudes help other people by showing them the benefits of home solar power. Everybody loves being cool and saving tons of cash.

#9 Cool dudes understand that some people just won’t “get it.” Let ‘em be, for some people ignorance is bliss, saving money and the environment just doesn’t make sense.
#10 Last but not least, you can literally be the coolest dude around by running your air conditioner full blast 24/7 if you want. You have a 20+ year lease on your solar system that guarantees a low fixed rate monthly electricity bill no matter how much energy you use.