10 Reasons You Should Date a Guy With Home Solar Power

Guys With Home Solar Are Cool

10 Reasons to Date a Guy With Home Solar

  1. He never gets upset about spending a little more upfront for great quality organic hair and skin products. Like solar power, he sees good hair and skin care as an investment in the future. Truth be told, you will probably be tempted to break into his stash.

  3. On the subject of investing in the future and overall health, a solar boyfriend makes a perfect workout partner. He is not one to sit around pounding Bud’s watching reruns on the golf channel. He’ll have you on your Jamis Coda Femme, cycling to your local pub to watch World Cup Soccer and sip a locally crafted IPA (well…he will at least go to the gym with ya for a power workout).

  5. Fashion is the name of the game, he is on the cutting edge of everything. This is a guy you won’t have to dress or even have to make adjustments to. His fingers are fully on the pulse of everything current, logical and good.

  7. You are a modern, well-educated woman, you have your own money and want to keep it. You need a guy that can keep up with you. A solar guy is making the right investments now and for the future. He can afford to buy his own IPA.

  9. He knows how to “work it” – you can be assured that a guy that has put in the time to research all the advantages of switching to home solar power has also taken the time to research the “ins and outs” of a woman (pun intended). A side benefit is usually lots of romantic candle light (he likes to save electricity when the sun is down).

  11. You will eat like a queen. He is sure to enjoy cooking meals for you from scratch. It is a given that he has fully researched his recipes and will only use the freshest organic sustainable ingredients in creating that special meal whether you are a vegan or a carnivore (so what if he is a better cook than you or your mother).

  13. He understands the importance of online shopping (that’s how he found the great deal on his home solar power system in the first place). As a matter of fact he can probably steer you to some great money saving websites for those organic skin care products of his that you keep pilfering.

  15. No Mc D’s and a $3 matinee dates for you. The solar man saves enough on his monthly electric bills to be able to afford, at the at the very least, dinner at Applebee’s (with dessert) and a first run Cineplex showing of that rom-com, you have been dying to see.

  17. He is proven to be a sensitive guy and is concerned with more than just the big things in life like the future of our planet. He is concerned with the little things in life as well; like megawatts. If you are upset about something he will be too and will probably soothe you with a comforting massage using that nice skin cream (if you haven’t used it all up already).

  19. Most importantly, he will understand that “thing” you have for Ed Begley Jr.

On the other hand you could always choose to be “THAT GIRL” all the guys want date!
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