5 Things Solar Power Won’t Do

Home Solar Power Limitations

5 Things Solar Power Won’t Do

It is a well-known fact that switching to home solar power is a win-win situation. By simply having a home solar system installed on your home you will save thousands of dollars in energy bills while helping to improve the environment for future generations. As perfect as solar may be however, it does have some limitations.

Home Solar Power Does Have Limitations

Home Solar Power Limitations

Solar Won’t work at night

Some things home solar wont doSolar power only works when the sun is shining during the day. At night there is no sun therefore photovoltaic panels are not able to convert the energy from the sun into electricity. For more info on exactly how solar power works READ THIS.

Solar Won’t work in the shade

5 things solar power will not doSolar panels that are hidden from the sun by shade will not produce usable electrical energy. The best orientation for efficient electrical production from the power of the sun is a completely unshaded southern exposure. Shade from nearby buildings or trees makes photovoltaic electrical production impossible. Shade is not to be <img src="http://mysolar.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/night-time-92915960.jpg" alt="Home Solar Power Limitations" width="200" height="181" class="alignright size-full wp-image-2616" />confused with cloudy weather though, solar panels work great in cloudy or foggy environments (Read More Here). Also, in some areas legislation has been enacted to protect access to the sun for homeowners, guaranteeing that neighbors or HOA’s cannot limit the availability of solar energy (Read More Here).

Solar Won’t take you off the grid

Home Solar Power Limitations5 things solar power will not doSince solar panels only work during the day, almost all home solar energy users stay connected to the grid. All day long your panels produce electricity most of which is not used, that excess energy is fed into the grid (your electrical meter actually runs backwards). At night when your panels are not producing energy your home draws power from the grid in a conventional manner. You get credit for the power you feed into the system and are only charged for what you use at night. Our solar service providers will analyze your electrical usage and design a system for maximum savings.

Solar Won’t protect you from power outages

5 things solar power will not doBecause homes using Home Solar Power Limitationssolar power remain connected to the grid there are automated safety systems in place that will shut the home solar system down in the case of a power outage. If you have a solar system producing power and putting it into the grid it could pose an electrocution hazard to workers trying to fix the outage. Yes, you can really be producing that much power!

Home Solar Power Limitations

Solar Won’t Make your house energy efficient

5 things solar power will not doThere is no question that switching to home solar will save you thousands of dollars in energy bills. Many people will start saving as much as 50% off their monthly utility bills with no upfront costs at all through solar leasing or PPA’s from a solar service provider.  For further savings a smart homeowner will also work on the overall energy efficiency of their home as well. There is no substitute for good insulation, windows or energy efficient appliances.

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