Connecticut Home Solar Power Savings

Connecticut Home Solar Power Savings

Connecticut Home Solar power

The time to convert your home to roof top solar power in Connecticut has never been better! Due to legislative support and a range of aggressive financing options for both home solar leasing and ownership options, more and more Connecticut homeowners are reaping the benefits of affordable solar energy.

Connecticut Solar power Goals

The State of Connecticut is committed to expanding clean and affordable home solar power. Gov. Dannel P. Malloy has proposed a goal of 300 megawatts or more of home solar power by 2022 and has called on Connecticut energy providers to buy excess power produced by home solar energy systems.

Connecticut Green Bank

Connecticut Green Bank Home Solar Power Financing OptionsGovernor Malloy’s plan also enables a semi-public company, The Connecticut Green Bank, to enter into agreements with the States two utility companies, United Illuminating and Eversource Energy to raise money to sustain solar subsidies in the years to come. The program works by allowing Green Bank the rights to energy credits produced by individual projects funded through their subsidies. These energy credits are then sold at a profit to create more subsidies in an ever expanding market.

Connecticut Home Solar Porgrams

Home Solar programs for Connecticut homeowners include leases and loans, tax exemptions, federal incentives and other rebates. According to Connecticut Green Bank there is currently 86 megawatts of home solar energy either already being produced, approved or in progress. That is enough energy to power about 12,000 homes and growing.

Connecticut Solar Power Job Growth

To date Connecticut is currently importing 95% of the clean energy required to meet clean energy goals. A program as outlined by the Governor and Connecticut Green Bank will enable the growth of residential solar power using more in-state facilities, creating local jobs and improving the overall state economy.

Connecticut Energy Costs

Connecticut is currently ranked #15 in the United States on a watts per capita basis, but, that ranking is sure to change. Although Connecticut is one of the smaller states in the union the cost of residential energy is among the highest. The national average cost of residential energy is approx. $0.12 per kwh whereas the average cost per kwh in Connecticut is approx. $0.20 and rising at an average rate of 3.5% per year. The policies outlined above will make it increasingly profitable for homeowners to make the switch to home solar power. State, Federal and Utility subsidies and rebates allow for $0 down installations and 20 year fixed energy bills that translate into immediate and long term energy savings.
Connecticut Home Solar Power Options

Clean Energy for Connecticut

Savings in Connecticut from solar energy aren’t limited to just financial savings either. Solar energy in Connecticut contributed to offsetting a little less than 100 metric tons of carbon emissions in the state last year. That’s like taking 20,000 cars off the road!

Qualify For Home Solar Power Subsidies

If you are a Connecticut homeowner the time is right to get solar power. There are many factors that figure into how much you can actually save by converting to home solar power. To find out exactly how much you can profit by going solar contact one of our solar experts for a free, no obligation home solar evaluation.

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