Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficient Residential Solar Power


Energy Efficiency should not mean sacrifice. Energy efficiency is about using current technology and knowledge to make our homes work for us. You and your family deserve to live in the comfort you are accustomed to while saving money, energy and helping the environment.

There are many little things the homeowner can accomplish in the quest for energy efficiency; sealing doors and windows, installing modern energy efficient appliances, checking ducts for leaks, up to date plumbing fixtures, changing lighting fixture to new low energy long life products are just a few examples and every little bit helps!

Solar – The #1 Residential Energy Efficient Investment


There is nothing more efficient than creating something from nothing. That is what Home Solar Power is all about. The Suns energy is all around us all day long; it is free, clean and inexhaustible. By harnessing the power of the sun to energize your home you are defining energy efficiency.

The technology used today to produce a solar panel uses less energy than is produced by the solar panel which represents a net gain and sustainable energy efficiency for your home. Solar power is also far less expensive than conventional electrical production. Coal, oil and nuclear power plants require expensive production methods and the use of limited resources. The dollar cost of conventional power production is continuously climbing, with no end in sight.

Residential Solar Energy is a constant, the sun does not go away and the price does not increase. Installing sustainable residential solar power panels on your home will instantly save you money as well as increase the value of your home which is also an investment in your future.

Contact mySolar today. One of our solar advisers will take the information we need to determine exactly how much you will save by going solar. We will tell you not only how much money you will save but we can also outline energy efficiency improvements’ you will gain from going solar and reducing your overall carbon footprint.

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