Home Solar Power in New Hampshire

Home Solar Power in New Hampshire
Home Solar Power in New Hampshire

From the White Mountains to the Lakes Region to the ocean beaches, New Hampshire is defined by its quaint towns and large expanses of wilderness. At its heart is the Lakes Region, encompassing island-filled Lake Winnipesaukee, a popular destination for canoeing, fishing and hiking. In the north, White Mountain National Forest is known for winter sports and Mt. Washington.

New Hampshire Renewable Energy

Until recently New Hampshire has been straggling far behind its Northeastern neighbors when it comes to solar power development in the state. Luckily enough that is all starting to change. In 2007 New Hampshire adopted a very strong renewables portfolio Standard that includes a respectable carve out for solar energy. There were also provisions for statewide rebate programs and incentives that provide for hefty cash back offers on the purchase of a home solar power system. That’s a good first step towards bringing the state up to par with its neighboring states and helping to protect its natural wonders for future generations.

Solar Industry in New Hampshire

There is currently enough solar energy installed in New Hampshire to power over 1,300 homes saving energy rate payers thousands of dollars each per year. Solar is also helping the overall economy in the state by adding solar related industry and jobs, the growth of solar in New Hampshire has spawned over 68 solar related companies that employ over 600 people. These numbers are sure to explode in the coming years as New Hampshire continues to encourage solar growth in the state.

New Hampshire Solar Savings

The driving force behind the success of New Hampshire solar program has been net metering, a renewable energy standard tied to solar goals. The state renewable portfolio standard calls for 10.65% of electricity from renewable energy in 2012, including 0.15% from solar, and 24.8% by 2025, including 0.3% from solar. A 2012 estimate suggests that a typical 5 kW system costing $25,000 before credits and utility savings will pay for itself in 11 years, and generate a profit of $32,061 over the rest of its 25-year life for residents that switch to clean, cheap solar energy.

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Solar Rebates in New Hampshire

Because New Hampshire solar efforts have proven so successful the State has attracted industry leading solar companies with a huge variety of financing options that make it easy to start saving on your energy bills immediately. Contact a Solar Consultant to see what programs, incentives and rebates you qualify for. Often times you can get a home solar system installed on your home with absolutely no upfront costs.

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