Solar Panel Roof Installation

Solar Panels and Your Roof

Is my roof right for solar panels?


That is the single most often asked question people have when considering a solar panel roof installation.

The quickest answer is yes. On almost all homes the installation of solar panels is quick and easy. A solar panel installation contractor simply installs some very lightweight aluminum brackets to your roof and the solar panels attach to the brackets very quickly and easily.

Are solar panels right for my roof?

That is the real question and it is the one question that really matters when making the decision to go solar.

It is also the question that has many variables when it comes to answering correctly. That is where we come in; we provide a full evaluation of your roofs potential as a solar power generator.

Evaluating a solar panel roof installation:

We use powerful, advanced software and a few pieces of information, provided by you, in determining the solar power potential of your roof:

  • Your address and zip code-This gives us a geographic location used to determine important factors such as latitude and longitude of your home. We also use your address to locate your home with advanced satellite imagery so we are able to actually see the size, shape and orientation of your roof. Your address also enables us to review historical weather patterns and average temperatures.
  • Your current power company-Different power companies in different areas depend on a variety of sources to produce the power in your home. The cost of power generation is reflected in your monthly bill and price increases are predictable. We use this information to help analyze what your power costs are now and 20 years from now (the average length of a solar power agreement).
  • Your current monthly energy bill -This tells us your average household usage and requirements and helps in determining which type of solar power package will be the most beneficial for you.
  • Roof shading – How much of your roof is unshaded and the most productive for solar power generation is also an important factor in deciding if solar panels are right for your roof.

Cost of Roof Solar Panel Evaluation:

This is the good part! There is absolutely no cost or obligation to you for a comprehensive solar energy evaluation of your home. Using our advanced software programs and experienced home solar advisers we will put together an informational package that will outline the exact costs and savings you could expect from switching to home solar power.