Home Solar Power in Maryland

Home Solar Power in Maryland

Home Solar Power in Maryland

The Power of the sun is Maryland’s largest energy resource – solar power is accessible everywhere in the state, can be easily installed, and integrates seamlessly in to our existing energy system without the need for costly infrastructure changes or environmental impact hearings. You might be surprised to hear that in one day the summer sun in Maryland can produce more energy than existing electrical plants can generate in a year.

Maryland has determinedly pursued renewable energy projects with a goal of generating 1,250 megawatts of electricity from clean alternative energy sources. Maryland’s of 1,250 megawatts goal was established in 2007 and state officials expect to meet this goal by the end of this year.

Solar Installations in Maryland

There is currently enough solar energy installed in Maryland to power over 27,000 homes saving electrical rate payers thousands of dollars every year. Solar has also proven to be an economic bonus for the state, the growth of solar in Maryland has spawned over 174 solar related companies that employ over 3,000 people.

Maryland Solar Incentives

The driving force behind the success of Maryland solar program has been net metering, a renewable energy standard tied to solar goals and a SREC (Solar renewable energy certificate) program. Maryland also offers a personal income tax credit, a sales tax exemption and a property tax exemption in addition to the federal tax credit for residents that switch to clean, cheap solar energy.

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Solar Financing in Maryland

Maryland residents that have a home that is a good candidate for solar power, the financial return on investing in a photovoltaic home solar system in can be very positive. Solar leasing, PPA’s and Outright solar system purchases are attractive options in the Maryland Solar Marketplace. At five to eight years Maryland has one of the shortest home solar payback periods in the nation and savings will continue long after the system is paid off. The life of a solar PV system is 20 years or more.

Because Maryland solar efforts have become so successful the state has attracted the attention of some of the leading solar companies in the nation creating financing opportunities that make it easy to start saving on your energy bills immediately. Contact a Solar Consultant to see what programs, incentives and rebates you qualify for. Often times you can get a home solar system installed on your home with absolutely no upfront costs.

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